Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Does anybody remember...


I've been going through my mental inventory of subjects I'd like to do for some illustrations and my mind started drifting towards toys I had when I was a kid. I inevitably recalled my collection of Micronauts.

These were amazing little toys made by the Mego Corporation back in the late 70's. Interchangeable, some were motorized, some characters (called Magnos) had these ingenious magnetic joints that gave the figures amazing articulation and interchangeability.

Man in the white hat - Force Commander
Man in the black hat - Baron Karza

It was the perfect set of toys for a geeky, sci-fi crazed, creative minded little kid like me. The permutations boggled the mind. You could play with these things a hundred times and never duplicate the same combination of parts. Of course, some of the things I came up with looked absolutely ridiculous but I didn't care. It was fun!

I miss my Micronauts. Not really sure what happened to them.

I think I shall do a very cool Force Commander vs. Baron Karza illustration sometime.

If you're ever wondering what to get this aging geek for his birthday or Christmas, the answer is simple...
(My favorite figure besides the two above, was the original Acroyear, just in case.)

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  1. The aliens to the micronauts were awesome too, Lobros, Membros etc, the box art for those was particularly amazing. Ken Kelley I think.